Maximum Nutrition, Maximum Results!

The Recipes For Better Sex you’re about to learn work by two fundamental principles:

1. Put key nutrients into your body…
2. Reduce or eliminate toxins that can damage the body.

The first principle is easy to understand. Natural foods, eaten in the correct ratios, organic and untouched by the horrors of modern food processing are loaded with essential nutrition. This combination of nutrients and ratios optimizes the bodies natural sexual ability.

The second principle is just as basic. It means that when we avoid toxins inherent in packaged and processed food, our bodies start to detoxify. This allows our cells to expend less resources in actually fighting off foreign substances and spend more energy on rebuilding, growth and rejuvenation.

The result? We look better, feel better, and sexually perform better.

Simple, Easy, Delicious Recipes

Enjoy a wide variety of easy-to-make meals that will boost your performance and get rave reviews from friends and family every time!

Easy To Follow Directions

Remove the guesswork. We walk you through each recipe with crystal-clear steps, making preparation simple!

Absolutely Everything You Need

All of the foods and recipes follow the healthiest nutrition plans in the world. Start achieving the health, energy, vitality and sexual performance you desire!

Take A Look Inside…


Sautéed Bass With
Shiitake Mushroom Sauce

Page – 22


Glazed Salmon

Page – 27


Colorado Spinach Salad

Page – 189


Portabella Pizzas

Page – 156


Coconut Sorbet

Page – 263


Roasted Duck
with Blueberry Sauce

Page – 64


Banana Chocolate Cake

Page – 258


Honey Pecan
Pork Chops

Page – 67


Sweet Potato
& Bacon Salad

Page – 189

Its Not Just For Sexual Health

Because the “Recipes For Better Sex” were chosen for their impact on the body’s sexual systmes, the also offer healthy living in order to regain their health, energy, vitality and power. Just a few of the benefits user report are:

green-check-w-box Leaner, Stronger Muscles
green-check-w-box Increased Energy
green-check-w-box Significantly More Stamina
green-check-w-box Clearer, Smoother Skin
green-check-w-box Weight Loss Results
green-check-w-box Better Performance and Recovery

green-check-w-box Stronger Immune System
green-check-w-box Enhanced Libido
green-check-w-box Greater Mental Clarity
green-check-w-box No More Hunger/Cravings
green-check-w-box Thicker, Fuller Hair
green-check-w-box Clear Eyes
green-check-w-box And Much, Much More!