Healthy Eating Habits That Will Change Your Life

life-changing-eating-habbitsEating healthy is essentially considered a self-improvement lifestyle. If you’re either a fitness junkie or just an average Joe, it doesn’t really matter because these habits will go a long way and the fruits of their success are plentiful. A sound body equals a sound mind. Now many people take it too seriously upon themselves to bring a sudden change into their lives or bodies, but just like everything in life change come slowly. And it comes to those who are willing to work for it. Eating healthy does benefit the human body very greatly, but if you’re looking for an overnight transformation–that is not possible. Change is gradual, it’s a process which takes weeks, and even months sometimes but it does come eventually.

What eating healthy or changing your lifestyle does for you is; it completely refreshes your system, eradicates most of the junk you have in your body, lowers your blood pressure and cholesterol levels, burns fat, gives you the much needed energy and just helps you function better in general. These habits aren’t very hard to follow, a person may feel off balance at first but will get used to it over time. The key is to incorporate these habits into your everyday routine making them somewhat second nature. Here’s a list of healthy eating habits a person should practice in order to better their life:

Don’t count calories

Leading nutritionists believe that the practice of counting calories is rather useless. Counting your whole calorie intake for the whole day is a treacherous task which doesn’t really do you any good either. So just stick with eating foods which are good for you rather than counting every calorie you eat, free yourself from the mental burden and relax. Different foods have different numbers of calories, so a person should just take a balanced diet with all the suitable amounts of veggies, meat, dairy, fruits and etc. Calorie counting makes a person paranoid, rather than enjoying the food he just focuses his mind around what he’s eating and how many calories it has? How long will it take to burn those calories off? How many hours of exercise? And other similar intrusive thoughts start storming the person’s head. Nutrition experts advise a person to eat whatever they like, avoid junk food, and focus on the nutritious foods. Just make sure the food you’re eating is indeed healthy.

Maintain a balance

Sometimes such a possibility arises that you need to dine out or have lunch with somebody at a restaurant. You don’t need to order a salad just because you’re eating healthy, go with the crowd, and order whatever appeals you. Don’t worry about the calorie count or if the food is really healthy or not. Avoid the embarrassment and awkwardness of having to eat a salad while all your coworkers or friends are feasting on roast beef and grilled chicken. This much relaxation is granted, keeping in mind that you have to balance your meal from the restaurant with other meals you take along the course of the day. Make sure you fit in what you missed out on before. Be it fruits, veggies, nuts, whole grains or seeds. It is very vital to keep a balance, for example; you have a hotdog for breakfast, now you need to balance that by having a salad for lunch. There is room for exceptions, you don’t need to follow your diet or eating habits religiously. Although, that would eventually benefit you in the long run but it’s not really worth it at the expense of your social life.

Nothing gets left behind

Eat everything you like –doesn’t matter if it’s healthy or not. Never be too strict on yourself. Try being content with whatever progress you have made! Eat all the things you love to eat but in smaller servings, for example; you love fried chicken, generally you’d eat about 4-5 pieces of it, but now since you’re changing your lifestyle you should just settle with 2 pieces. It’ll satisfy your craving and you won’t have to worry about balancing the diet. Win-win situation both ways, just because you started a new lifestyle focused around health and all doesn’t mean you should ditch your favorite snacks for healthy food. Maintain a balance and keep everything intact. The main purpose of a person eating healthy is for his own personal satisfaction. Don’t sacrifice your satisfaction for petty stuff.

Make it interesting

Eating healthy, or eating veggies to be exact is rather boring. It’s like forcing yourself to eat something because it’s good for you. Not caring much about the flavors, aroma or dressing. You don’t really need to do that –unless you enjoy eating veggies that way, then its fine. But people generally tend to go for things that attract them, and are interesting, so try to mix it up and add some seasoning. Eating healthy shouldn’t be eating tasteless. Add some exotic flavors, dress the salad with olive oil, garlic powder, salt, basically anything that suits your taste buds. Go with whatever you think will suit your best. Sacrificing taste for health isn’t necessary, it’s optional to say the least. Every person is different so you’re advised to make whatever fits you best. Eating healthy shouldn’t be boring.

Have a great lunch

You might have heard that breakfast is supposed to be the biggest meal from the day, but experts believe that’s not quite right. In fact, they say lunch should be the biggest meal of the day as during mid-day or noon the body tends to be more active, in its overdrive state. So, one should fuel up on food when it’s most needed i.e. during the lunch time. Make sure your lunch is full of the core elements of eating healthy, and having a big meal does not mean that you should overeat even past your full. Never overdo it, eating healthy or not, overeating has very adverse effects on a person’s body including indigestion, weight gain and acidity.

Prepare ready to eat meals and stock them

Human beings are generally very lazy, they tend to avoid doing stuff unless it’s very important. A person can’t escape his or her nature so, it’s just best to go along with it. People go to the supermarket, buy some supplies, store it in their fridge, forget about them, and throw them out once they’re past their expiry dates. So, when you buy some fruits or veggies, healthy stuff basically, you should also take the time to prepare it and then store it in your fridge for later. It’s more convenient for you, saves you the time and effort it would usually take to fix a meal for yourself. So the next time you’re hungry you won’t need to go through the hassle of chopping up a salad if it’s already there waiting for you in the fridge. Also, some people might opt for some other alternative like a bag of chips over an unprepared salad. So it’s all about future planning, do yourself a favor and keep some ready to eat meals in stock for whenever they’re necessary.

Enjoy your food

Add some variety to your diet, it doesn’t have to be the plain old soup and peas. Mix it up, introduce new stuff, proteins, carbs, or just anything that’s healthy. Balance all the necessary nutrients out with a combination of veggies, fruits, nuts, meat, oil, dairy, etc. Eat for the energy, not the fill. And when having a meal makes sure to remove any and all distractions like mobiles, laptops, and TVs. Take your time, relax and focus on what you’re eating. Don’t eat fast, and chew thoroughly. That’s key in helping your body digest the meal. Try having smaller portions of different things. And treat yourself to a little dessert after you’re done with the meal.

Be patient

On some occasions a person might have a mood swing or throw a fit, but try not to quit just like that. All good habits take time to settle in, change isn’t an overnight process. A person might be eager for results, weight loss or something similar but may get disheartened when there’s no visible progress. The results of these eating healthy habits are slow but very beneficial. So don’t worry if you aren’t losing some extra pounds, be consistent and have patience. Don’t make big changes all of a sudden; try starting out with small changes which range over a long period. The eating healthy lifestyle is for everybody, old or young. Don’t lose hope in yourself, everybody’s body works differently, you might see your results a bit later than others but patience is very necessary for success. Patience is very important.

Eating healthy is directly related to being happy. Bring a change into your life style, start eating healthy. Wake up refreshed, with more energy and good health. Healthy people tend to have longer lives and in the long run don’t suffer from many common diseases. Do it for your loved ones.

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