Can Eating Healthy Help Your Sex Life

Eating-Healthy-Help-Your-Sex-LifeNowadays people are talking about the certain foods that have performance as well as desire enhancing effects on the sex life. These are just based on the personal experiences and they are not research proven. However, diet has always been linked with the sex life as the diet has direct effect on your life. Poor diet results in different kind of diseases which can become a cause of low sex drive and poor sex life. As the erectile dysfunction is becoming common among the youngsters and often has a direct link to diseases such as the obesity and the diabetes. Both of these diseases are the result of bad eating habits.

Although there are many issues affecting your sex life and contributing to the poor performance but good diet is a first step towards a healthy sex life. Your habit and your diet has a profound relationship. Some food and the habits can turn you off and thus you will underperform in bed. Food is a crucial part of your routine therefore it’s safe to say that it has effects on your sex life.

What Should You Change?

Eat Together

Being a couple it is really important that you have meal together so that your connection with one another gets stronger. Enjoying meal in a relaxing environment is a great way to unwind your partner. Sex life depends on the brain as it is a vital organ that controls all the emotions and hormones. Being in pleasurable environment with your partner can help your brain build up that intimacy and desire so that your body can perform at its best.

Resolve Contrasting Taste

Everyone has a unique taste that’s why there is so much diversity. However, one food might work for you in intensifying the desire and intimacy but can be a huge turnoff for your partner and vice versa. This can cause problems in bed as it reduces the level of intimacy. You should build trust with your partner by being open about the kind of diet you like and your partner can tell you the same. This will help in avoiding all the foods that are turnoff for not only your partner but also yourself.

There are different potential conflicts such as

Religious dietary restrictions
Cultural differences
One person may be obsessive dieter
Omnivore vs vegetarian
Picky vs adventurous
Resolving these can help you boost your performance as the desire and the intimacy level will be higher than usual for both you and your partner.

Support Your Partner

A lot of people who are going through the weight loss journey are self-conscious and the emotional eaters. The body image and the self-esteem play a major role for people choosing to venture on the weight loss journey. Therefore, you need to be really supportive to your partner during that journey as your negative comments on their eating might make them more conscious. This has a negative impact on your sex life as a couple. The more your partner is conscious about their looks the lower the level of intimacy and desire will be as they will constantly think that they are not good enough. This is a huge turn off but being supportive to your partner might tone that down and thus you will enjoy a healthy sex life with your partner.

Changing to Healthy Diet

A healthy diet has always played a vital role in keeping a healthy mood and high level of energy. The sexual desire is directly linked with the mood. The heart health is improved if your diet has the Omega-3s. It also helps fight the depression as the depression can cause the loss of sexual desire. Omega-3s increases the production of dopamine in the body which has a positive effect on the libido. The libido plays a major role in the healthy sex life. Therefore, by making a healthy diet a consistent part of your life will increase your performance in bed.

Arginine Production

Arginine is an important amino acid. Arginine is used by the body to produce the nitric acid which helps in relaxing the blood vessels. The blood has great role in the erectile function of the penis. The blood is supplied by the blood vessels to the erectile tissues of the penis which then fills up and helps in maintaining the healthy erection capable of penetration. Therefore, the arginine is important to keep the blood flow to those erectile tissues of the penis for sustaining a healthy erection.

The supplementary L-arginine can be used however it has little effect in the production of the nitric acid in body. The L-arginine breaks down in the intestine before it reaches the blood stream and thus has really little or no effect. However, the use of L-citrulline has been found useful. L-citrulline is another type of amino acid.The human body converts L-citrulline into arginine once it is absorbed into the blood. Watermelon has L-citrulline while the arginine can be found in:

Leafy vegetables


It is the most popular fruit of the summer. It has less calories but it is packed with libido boosting nutrients. Research has shown that the watermelon contains the citrulline, lycopene and the beta-carotene which when absorbed by body helps in relaxing the blood vessels. This process enhances the natural revival of your sex drive.

Sesame Seeds

Zinc is the considered to be really good for sexual health of men. It increases the production of testosterone (male hormone) and also the sperms. Sesame seeds are great source of zinc for your body. You can easily integrate sesame seeds in your daily diet routine. You can sprinkle them on a healthy stir fry or you can mix them with granola. Some of the breakfast cereals nowadays have the sesame seeds and zinc. You should look for those breakfast cereals so that your body can get the much needed zinc to enhance the hormone production. The testosterone is the driving force in the sexual arousal therefore its production is really important for your healthy sex life.

Sweet Potatoes

The erectile dysfunction is often related with the high blood pressure. Sweet potatoes are the best source of the potassium which helps fight the blood pressure and keeps you safe from erectile dysfunction.


Almonds are the best food for improving your sexual health. They not only contain zinc but also the vitamin E and selenium which are important for reproduction and sexual health. The Omega-3 fatty acid is found in the almonds which is good for blood flow.


Strawberries are considered to be sexy and there is a good reason to it. They are rich in the antioxidants which help keeping your heart young and your arteries performing at their best. This fruit not only visually stimulate the sexual desire but also with its vitamins. Dip the strawberries in dark chocolate and have fun with your partner.

What Should You Avoid?

High Blood Pressure

Blood flow plays a major role in the sexual health both in men and women. The high intake of sodium can increase your blood pressure and as a result limiting the blood flow to the sexual organs. This results in the sexual side effects which are not good for your sex life. Reduction in the blood flow to sexual organs causes the erectile dysfunction in men and the reduced vaginal sensitivity in women.

High Cholesterol

You need to avoid the fatty foods and extra oily stuff. The fatty food increases the cholesterol levels of your blood. This results in the narrowing of the arteries or even the blockage. These narrow arteries supply less blood to your sexual organs and thus resulting in the less sexual drive. Cholesterol is the major cause of the heart diseases and can cause a heart attack due to blockage of the veins.


The worst thing for your sexual life is the use of alcohol. Majority of people think that alcohol boosts the sex drive but it’s not true. Even though the alcohol serves as the social lubricant which helps you to be confident and comfortable around strangers! The use of alcohol can cause the chronic or acute erectile dysfunction. The alcohol has a negative impact on your behavior as you fail to take proper precaution during sex while drunk. This increases your chances of getting infected by the sexually transmitted diseases.


Meat though provides the protein and zinc to the body but it is rich in the cholesterol and saturated fats. The unbalanced diet that mostly depends on meat can cause the type 2 diabetes. The high cholesterol will result in the low sex drive and the heart diseases. The saturated fat can reduce the blood flow in the arteries thus affecting the sexual function of the body.

Less attractive body odor is produced because of eating the meat. This odor can be huge turnoff for a lot of women. Overall the meat is not good for a healthy sex life if it’s taken in large proportions. However, the balanced diet is the key to everything.

Overall eating healthy has an impact on every aspect of your health including your sexual health. Having a balanced and healthy diet can boost your sex drive and also keeps you fit at the same time.

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