10 Little Known Healthy Foods

Little-Known-Healthy-FoodsToday’s modern lives have started to take a toll on our health and there is little that we can do about it owing to our busy work schedules and the unhealthy natures of our careers that require us to sit in offices with space for little, if any, physical activity. In such circumstances what most of us can do is focus on our diets and make them healthier as it is very difficult for a lot of us to accommodate any work out regimes in our hectic lives. With this article you can learn about the health benefits of a number of super foods that you knew little about and try to include these super foods in your diet as much as possible and begin your journey to immaculate health.

Chia Seeds

Packed with rich nutrients Chia seeds are native to South American Mexico, these seeds are rich in a number of healthy nutrients that make up a healthy diet. While they are still unknown by most people, those of us who are known to seek super foods from around world have known about these magical seeds for some time now. Chia seeds are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, calcium and fiber. A number of people do not like fish due to various reasons but are aware of the health benefits of omega-3 fats; if you are among those people you can easily replenish your requirement of o,ega-3 fats by incorporating Chia seeds in your regular diet. Dietitians say that these seeds have a characteristic crunch and great taste to them which is nutty and generally well-liked. One way to include chia seeds in your diet is to keep them in a glass shaker and refrigerate them and use them in cereals, salads, smoothies and stir fries to add an extra zing to them.


It is native to South American rainforests and is a tiny reddish purple fruit which is considered to be an anti-aging and weight loss masterpiece. This berry has a very high level of a number of antioxidants which come as anthocyanins and help in fighting cancer and cardiac disorders. According to experts it is one of the little known fruits which have oleic acid which is similar to the found in olive oil and is recommended to cardiac patients. Since fresh acai is not readily available, it is easier to find it in frozen form. You can also find it in the form of syrups, tablets and powders. Researchers have found its juices to be rich in sugar content so they do not recommend consuming its juices in larger quantities. It is better that you use it without too much sugar and make a smoothie with other natural ingredients.

Cocoa Powder

Who isn’t familiar with the wondrous works of chocolates when it comes to mood enhancing foods that are actually healthy if consumed moderately? Similar to chocolate, cacao powder is rich in flavonoids; these are substances which are known to reduce blood pressure and enhance blood flow to vital body organs such as brain and heart. Cacao powder comes with very few calories; lesser then 15 per tablespoon to be specific. In addition to this they contain negligible amounts of fat and provide a rich chocolate flavor which you can enjoy as an alternative to the actual chocolate without compromising on the taste. According to experts, people who have a taste for chocolate should switch to cocoa and enjoy the great flavour without an shred of guilt for unhealthy eating. However, expert dietitians discourage consuming cocoa powder which has been processed because it does not come with the same health benefits as the natural product and has a lesser content of antioxidants. You can use cocoa powder in smoothies and enjoy a healthy chocolate flavour.

Goji Berries

While it was not very readily available some time back, you can find Goji berries on supermarket shelves as a very common alternative to healthy eating. Its health benefits are not unknown to those are into eating a healthy and balanced diet; they contain a good proportion of vitamin C. Goji berries are actually a native fruit of Tibet and the areas of Inner Mongolia and are reddish orange flavoured fruits which have been used by herbalists in China for a number centuries and help in the treatment of disorders related to blood circulation and poor visions; they also help in boosting the immune system. Researchers are yet to second these claims to treatment such health conditions; however they have never denied that goji berries are a healthy alternative to plant-based antioxidants. You can easily find these in dried, powder and juice form.


A number of people think Mangosteens are a byproduct of mangoes; however that is far from the truth. They are native to Southeast Asia and is a purple fruit which is roughly the size of your fist; you will find that this fruit is segmented from the inside. The rind of Mangosteens contain xanothans which are compounds that are known fight against a number of cancers and disorders related to inflammation. While you may not find fresh mangosteens in the United States, you can easily find products made by mangosteens in super markets.


While land-bound weeds lack in a number of healthy nutrients, you will find that the varieties of weed that have grown in the sea are packed with a number of health benefits and can be consumed in ways that are not only lip smacking but also can be cooked in a number of ways. Sea-weeds include healthy proportions of omega-3 fatty acids, important minerals like magnesium, calcium, iron, iodine, zinc and potassium. While Omega-3 fats reduce chances of any heart attack, the minerals present in seaweed help in ensuring a healthy bone-density and prevent growth disorders. According to experts consuming sea-weed is an easy and tasty way to include all of these healthy components in your diet. Dietitians suggest that a quick way to incorporate sea-weed in your regular diet is to roll them up in sheets of nori, with rice and steamed vegetables; this can be eaten as a healthy lunch during your hectic routine at work while juggling work responsibilities.

Nutritional Yeast

Nutritional yeast should not be confused with the regular, active dry or brewer’s yeast that is used in baking. Unlike the regular yeast, nutritional yeast is made by deactivated yeast and it does not have a trace of leavening power. It is considered to be an important source of fiber and is also rich in protein; it is also included among vegan-friendly sources of vitamins and is rich in vitamin B12. Vitamin B12 is critically important for brain and human nervous-system to function normally, However, it is found mostly in meat and dairy products and nutritional yeast is a vegetarian alternative to it.


Kefir is a drink originally known to be from Russia; it tastes like yogurt and is made by fermented milk and has an edgy sour flavor to it. With an increase in the trend of turning towards healthy eating, Kefir has become popular worldwide owing to its probiotic characteristics. Kefir is aid to be an ancient drink which is actually effective in keeping your immune systems up and running very efficiently and also supports digestion. While the original ingredients that make this magical potion may not be found around you, you can buy finished product from a number of health stores and super markets.

Hemp Seeds

On one hand their relation to marijuana, makes them slightly controversial, however on the other hand hemp seeds in reality contain no trace of the psychoactive substance and are loaded with health benefits and are becoming a rage when it comes to healthy eating practices. Hemp seeds are rich in proteins and also contain almost all the essential amino acids critical for growth, development and repair of living beings. These seeds also include a healthy proportion of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids and prove to be an important source of potassium, magnesium and amino acids. According to experts Hemp seeds are characterized by their slight taste and are a tasteful addition to salads, soups and pesto

Black Garlic

Black garlic is a well-kept secret of Asians and is known for its immaculate health benefits; with an upward trend in healthy eating, this Asian secret got leaked and can now be found readily in many supermarkets across the United States. However, its ready availability has been a recent development and bean only a few years back garlic is actually made by fermenting the regular garlic by exposing it to humidity and heat – characteristic features of many areas in Asia. Its mellow flavor is sweet and has an inky color. Its many health benefits include heart-healthy compounds and are also considered an important source of probiotics which are known to strengthen human immune systems. According to experts like many fermented foods black garlic helps to stabilize our intestinal environment which ultimately leads to healthy immune systems. Due to its intense flavor, it is quickly becoming an important addition to dips and sauces.

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